I am Olivia Grasing, a twenty-year old, second year journalism student at The College of New Jersey whose work has appeared in TCNJ’s chapters of Her Campus, an online publication for college students, and Odyssey, and online forum for millennials, and in TCNJ’s student-run magazine The Signal. My skills include writing, editing, basic Photoshop, HTML coding and multimedia writing.  I am interested in pursuing a career in lifestyle magazine writing, book publishing and editing, and/or in digital media. I have used this blog to practice my writing, editing, interviewing techniques, and content creation. This blog only covers one of the many topics that I am interested in: self-care. Enjoy!

About this Site

This blog is dedicated to the topics of self-care, fitness, organization and mindfulness. Readers can find articles on HIIT workouts, organization, mental, and physical health.